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program(updated on Aug. 27th 2009)

Unconventional superconducting nano structures

(Andreev bound states in anisotopic superconductor junctions)

Hiroshi Kambara
(Anomalous Local Transport in Microfabricated Sr2RuO4-Ru Eutectic junction)

Philip M.R.Brydon
(Broken time-revesal-symmetry in triplet superconductor junctions)

Quasiparitcle interference in cuprate

(Macroscopic quantum tunneling phenomena in a few layers of highly-doped BSCCO intrinsic Josephson junctions)

Oda Migaku
(STM/STS studies on the inhomogeneous PG,electronic charge order and effective SC gap of high-Tc cuprate Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+δ)

Hiroki Tsuchiura
(Change modulations due to QRI effect in a t-J)

Ferromagnet junctions

(Josephson current through strong ferromagnets)

(Pairing symmetry conversion by spin-active interface in superconducting hybrid systems)

Tomas Lofwander
(Mixed spin superconductivity near spin active interfaces
& triplet supercurrent in clean and disordered half-metallic ferromagnets)

Shiro Kawabata
(Can we realize π junction using insulating ferromagnet)

Odd-frequency pairing

(Wave function and Ginzburg Lanau functional for odd frequency superconductors)

Yasunari Tanuma
(How to determine pairing symmetries of chiral p-wave superconductors from vortex-core tunneling spectroscopy via odd-frequency pairings)

New directions of mesoscopic superconductivity

Sadamichi Maekawa
(Ferromagnetic Josephson Junction and Spin Wave Resonance)

Numerical analysis of superconductivity

Thomas Pruschke
(Anderson impurity in Superconducting Bath with side coupled kondo spin)

Akira Oguri
(Josephson current through a Kondo Y-junction)

Topological aspect

Naoto Nagaosa
(Quantum transport phenomena with the edge channels in topological superconductors)

(Spintronics with topological insulator)

Antonio M.Garcia-Garcia
(Finite size effects in BCS: theory and experiments)

Iron pnictide superconductors

Kazuhiko Kuroki
(Unconventrional superconductivity from multiple spin fluctuation modes in the iron pnictide superconductors)

Dung Hai Lee
(AFM correlation and the pairing mechanism in the iron pnictides and the(overdoped)cuprates)

Alexander Golubov
(Odd frequency pairing in superconducting heterostructures)

(Violation of Anderson's Theorem for Sign-Reversing s-wave Superconducting State in Iron Pnictides)

Yukihiro Ota
(Peculiar Josephson vortex structure for ±s-wave in Josephson junctions with multiple tunneling channels)