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Applied Physics English Course
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Educational Policy of Nagoya University's Global 30 International Programs
Nagoya University's fundamental objective is to cultivate leaders with genuine courage and
intellect. Its multi-disciplinary curriculum is designed to cultivate ethical leaders who are able to develop innovative solutions, through inquiry and analysis, with strong communication and teamwork skills to be productive members of the global environment. Nagoya University welcomes highly motivated students who share this vision to apply.

Applied Physics program (bachelor of Engineering)
  1. broad perspective
  2. profound thoughts
  3. global communications
  4. leadership skills

Applied Physics Course in Department of Physical Science and Engineering

The education program is based on both basic and applied physics, and provides undergraduate students with the ability to perform scientific and technological research. For more detail see

Applied Physics Course
Curriculum in English

  • The fundamental and Applied Physics program is jointly offered by the Department of Physics in the School of Science and the Department of Physical Science and Engineering in the School of Engineering.
  • The program is designed to allow early exposure to specialized scientific fields and to cultivate well-balanced individuals through board based education and professional knowledge.
  • After finishing the first year of basic physics education, the students choose a variety of majors, including condensed matter physics, biophysics, computational physics and physical engineering. In the final year, students are expected to join one of the research groups in the field of Applied Physics for research projected of their graduation theses.

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